Ghost Boy (Galatea)

And his borealis eyes Noble and Aquiline And roses spilling From his mouth The aching fragrance Floods Babel And drifts on Every misty breath Touches and grazes and Traces that treadle Pulse upon beat unto heart The impact upon contact with Dream coated lamina A rip-roaring Punch-drunk Plunge Into a seething tide Of screaming hearts… Continue reading Ghost Boy (Galatea)

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Pressed Daisy

I can’t take deep breaths. I can’t feel too alive. I can’t think of beautiful things. And I can’t hold on to the memory of your passing hand or the warmth of your lips. I wear your words as armor, but my body is too frail and my heart is fickle, so I can’t quite… Continue reading Pressed Daisy


free spirit at all costs

i want to crush it in my palms. feel it rupture under the pressure of my lips and tongue. i want to feel the curve of my waist caving in and splintering upon impact. to feel the violence of its diffusion threatening to split me to the bone. hear its whispers of heaven and faraway… Continue reading free spirit at all costs



Pain and elation and love and fear, and all that faded space between here and nirvana. You can break and burn, turn your body and your mind guts out. Or keep a strained, bloodshot eye out for some cheapened glimpse of God. But isn’t this, what’s right here and now, isn’t this enough? We fuck… Continue reading Ellipses



All I have left are hologram people. Untouchable phantoms living in sepia smoke. Living beyond grasp and cling. Surviving the space of a breath. Love on the astral plane or love on the clock? Expired messages and bursts of paradise buried beneath layer upon layer of dust and neglect. Used to bond over half finished… Continue reading Cigs