My Nameless

I know you showed up that day in your always gleaming car with the cherry red and night tint windows. I know you lied when you said it wouldn’t start the night before; it was your deus ex machina, so you wouldn’t have to see me again. So I wouldn’t have to lie about lying… Continue reading My Nameless

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I'd like to go back to scream it shout it curse it and abuse it and say the words over and again. In other arms, in the backs of strangers' cars in the apparition of a lifetime against the measure and decay of time- I will love you. In his room and his bed in… Continue reading polyester

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stream of consciousness

I fucking love you so much. I love your idiocy and your incompetence and your sweetness in tandem. I dream of breaking your see-through heart and wake up to text messages, phone calls, and your over-indulgent words: "forever" and "never," please "always stay." I know when you're selling me something, but I'd buy a billion… Continue reading stream of consciousness

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Pressed Daisy

I can’t take deep breaths. I can’t feel too alive. I can’t think of beautiful things. And I can’t hold on to the memory of your passing hand or the warmth of your lips. I wear your words as armor, but my body is too frail and my heart is fickle, so I can’t quite… Continue reading Pressed Daisy

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b a b e

I think about you most nights, most days, around most people. Until I can’t sleep. And after all this time, we still meet in that dark corner of my mind. In a loop of our first violet afterglow. Where you’d wait for me. But the past plays out in a phantasmagoria. I can’t want to… Continue reading b a b e

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untitled #1

I’d never met someone like you before. All the dreams and wishes I’ve ever made- what used to be a formless cosmic body of all the things I could hope to love in this life- I find in you. To feel without terror or shame or equivocation. To yield love with fearlessness and ruthless beauty.… Continue reading untitled #1