Pain and elation and love and fear, and all that faded space between here and nirvana.

You can break and burn, turn your body and your mind guts out. Or keep a strained, bloodshot eye out for some cheapened glimpse of God.

But isn’t this, what’s right here and now, isn’t this enough?

We fuck and kill in the same spirit. Love and hate under the same star. We laugh and cry and love in loop. Never bothered with the economy of sensation.

You pull me into orbit without giving a single thought to the science of gravity or natural law. We feel everything and anything, hungry for life in excess. I don’t know how you can handle the currents of electric burning through your veins, you just do. And when the voltage reaches fever pitch, it bleeds through your skin into mine.

You reach out with limbs turned to live wires that spark and scream with a divine rage. And we know, beyond all doubt, that nothing is more beautiful than our capacity for feeling. We know that it’s beautiful to feel alive. That this time, it’s enough.

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