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She’s at the top of his list, the freshest face in his rotation. All the lines he’s practiced with her carbon copy sisters fall from his mouth. A million times before, but the bite and the sting stay fresh. A million times over, but the promise is never tired.

And she’ll love it. The sweet bass at the bottom of his words already has her rapt and breathless.

It’s too tiring for her to keep believing in herself. But, someone needs to do it. So why not him?

He doesn’t know how dangerous he can get, or just how cheap she’ll sell herself. His beauty glimmers and consumes.

She might as well have his name branded on her forehead because she thinks of nothing else. And lives flash to flash- holding her breath until his next move.

A hundred hopeful girls, who can’t hide their doe-eyed recklessness, are renting cubicles of his momentary affection. They send their bodies hurtling through hyperspace hoping he’ll be there to break the fall.

And it’s easy for her to believe that she’s the only one. That through him there is redemption. That salvation lies ever-waiting at the end of sin.

A million times after she will know: the grief, the euphoria, the territory between the crux and comedown.

And for Him– she will suffer a million times more.

7 thoughts on “semiautomatic”

  1. This is great stuff!! I’m so happy Jasper reached out to you, I was going to as well. Please send us a couple of pieces and take the time to explore our blog and community. Welcome to WordPress 🙏🖤

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