The whole room is underwater. Blue lights slice into midnight. Sad songs tremble through silence.

The stars realign to the rhythm of the clock. Everything is moving. There’s a fluidity- a motion that seeps into the skin, to the bone, through the sheets.

It’s you: your gravity, the weight of your mind, and the darkness of your shuddering shadow. I’m surrounded. I’m drowning in the impermanence.

I embody this room. Hand in hand with the walls I spill into the four bleak corners. I could measure the entirety of the universe by square footage if only you were here. But you’re elsewhere; too close for comfort and too far to feel.

Exist. All you are is existence. Powerful and profound.

In the midst of your absence, in the absence of light, I am this room… cold and ruined from the threat of abandonment.

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