Child of Wonder

My thoughts still smell of you- like lingering and longing. Your impermanence is haunting.

The fading echoes of your footfalls, the flickering dynamite- all ghosts.

Like liquid you are formless, you take the shape of my mind. I sculpted you and carved away at the edges of your body until you were reduced to a sickeningly perfect geometry. You’ve been silent, immobile even, and paralyzed by all your little deaths.

Child of Wonder, where have you gone?

You have plunged me into despair, flung me into the darkest dungeons of my psyche. You’ve placed me at the rotting threshold of desire, a gift of temptation left writhing in my palms.

I breathed your air. I tasted your sin.

Child of Wonder, who loves you now? No one.

No one will love you now.

PC: Orpheus and Eurydice Rodin

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