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5am June

A big, fat blur. "What are you thinking about?" The apocalypse pushing through the metal and foam. The way you look spun. Wiggly shredded piece of nothing kind of guy. And how it's easy for me to add on a pound or two, weave in substance and spiritual sustenance to compensate. Make you pretty. Change… Continue reading 5am June



He smoked himself out. Cigarette-soft fire devouring his mouth, putting out the stars in his eyes. He's all ruins. A wasteland in the hollows of his cheeks. The familiar thundering drawl snuffed out by a sad slur. He doesn't swagger anymore, he only lumbers and drags. H. has kept his appointment with oblivion. And now,… Continue reading H.



She's at the top of his list, the freshest face in his rotation. All the lines he's practiced with her carbon copy sisters fall from his mouth. A million times before, but the bite and the sting stays fresh. A million times over, but the promise is never tired. And she'll love it. The sweet… Continue reading semiautomatic



I used to think I could find the face of love, lying like a mask on anyman's face. A face that melts into type, substance hauled underground, only crude edges spared. An outline indicates: What's Missing? everything, apparently. Walls painted in newsprint defying logical gravity. Look-- To the sky To your heroes To cinema heavens--… Continue reading Smokescreen



All I have left are hologram people. Untouchable phantoms living in sepia smoke. Living beyond grasp and cling. Surviving the space of a breath. Love on the astral plane or love on the clock? Expired messages and bursts of paradise buried beneath layer upon layer of dust and neglect. Used to bond over half finished… Continue reading Cigs



I exist moment to moment, falling to pieces through the spaces between. Afflicted with visions of wounded skies hemorrhaging slivers of heaven. There is a placelessness. A cryptic homesickness. The stars gone cold and the fallen gods are my brothers and sisters-- waking suicides coarse bodied and wandering. Hungry for life that transcends life. I've… Continue reading Hangups