still alive?

Those skeletons I used to love are high and dry in my closet. Resented and discarded, swinging in the closet.

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There was a time when I could see the world in your eyes. Small, reflective pools. Deep watercolor of imagined ideals. So, I stopped searching for God in other men. The grooves in your palms and the traction of your fingertips tracing cursive lines across the surface of my skin- it feels like walking on… Continue reading Dreamscape


free spirit at all costs

i want to crush it in my palms. feel it rupture under the pressure of my lips and tongue. i want to feel the curve of my waist caving in and splintering upon impact. to feel the violence of its diffusion threatening to split me to the bone. hear its whispers of heaven and faraway… Continue reading free spirit at all costs



And the fact remains: I breathe for you. Flowers bloom to remind me of you spanning every season. Perennial memorials of the best and worst days. You've cradled me in your arms, heavy and half asleep. You've pervaded space and time covering a million distances between your thumb and index. I hollowed myself out, bleeding… Continue reading suffocation